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Counselling made simpler.  Virtual therapy specialists for anxiety, depression and mental health


 Talk to a                              Learn  strategies
registered                            that help        

 Consult a psychiatrist      


Do you ever feel this?

Anxious or overwhelmed                                Sad, numb or irritated a lot of the time                                 Overly self-critical

Stuck in negative thought patterns             Wonder if you are depressed                                                     Exhausted from sleep difficulties

Withdrawn from friends and family             Have difficulty facing and making decisions                       Terrorized by Panic Attacks

                Think about getting help but that first step is intimidating.  We're not. We're nice people, promise!

You deserve quality health care.

Since 2012, we've helped hundreds of individuals, one session at a time. 


We are Trusted Professionals and members of these Leading Companies

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Non-Insured Health Benefits

The Canadian Association of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

3 Simple steps to start

Step 1.

Can I afford this?

  If you have NIHB skip this step, we are providers.

Check your insurance covers Social Work Services (RSW MSW).

There is no tax on our service and you can claim all therapy as a medical expense on your income tax.

Step 2.

Can you help?

Schedule a free consultation by calling

289-600-3262 or emailing

A doctor's referral is not required.

Step 3.

How does it work? 

Schedule your first session and begin working with a professional in therapy.

Our promise to you

Promise 1


We'll book your first appointment in 1-2 weeks.

No Wait list

Promise 2



We offer evening and weekend appointments. 

Promise 3



If we cannot help you, we will refer you to someone who can. 

What you get

  • Weekly, biweekly or monthly sessions with a professional.

  • No judgment compassionate, supportive care.

  • No hassle option to change therapists if you feel it is not the right fit.

  • Up-to-date evidence-based treatment geared to your specific problem.

  • Secured video platform for sessions, PHIPA compliant.

  • Appointment times that fit your schedule.

  • Diagnostic and medication support .

Therapy Options

Option 1


Initial 90 minute clinical assessment $225.00


Ongoing 50 minute therapy sessions $150-$200 depending on clinician.

Option 2

Clinical assessment with a psychiatrist.  $300.00

Ongoing 50 minute therapy sessions with your clinician $150-200 depending on clinician.